They have Herbology class. Professor Sprout sets them all to work pruning the Abyssinian Shrivelfigs. Harry spots spiders during classes, all headed toward the Forbidden Forest. At night Ron and Harry sneak out of the school again using the Invisibility Cloak. They take Hagrid's boarhound Fang with them. Using the spell Lumos to make some light with his wand, they enter the forest following the spiders. They run into Ron's fathers' Flying car which has turned wild from living in the forest. They are captured by huge spiders and taken to a vast hollow in the forest, crowded with spiders. They are addressed to by a huge spider, the size of a small elephant, called Aragog. Harry tells him that Hagrid is sent to Azkaban and that he is suspected of opening the Chamber of Secrets and setting a monster free. Aragog tells that it was years ago and that they believed that he was the monster, but in fact he is not. Hagrid received Aragog when it still was an egg, from a stranger, and he took care of him. Aragog was blamed for the death of a girl but Hagrid protected him. He even found a wife, Mosag, for Aragog. Aragog knows the real identity of the monster but does not want to tell it. At the end of the conversation Aragog tells them that they will serve as food for the other spiders but they are saved by the Flying car. They are left at the edge of the forest and they get the invisibility cloak back from Hagrid's cabin and get back to the Gryffindor common room. Harry suddenly get's an insight that the girl who died fifty years ago in the bathroom might be Moaning Myrtle.


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