Ron and Hermione are enraged with each other. Harry has his final practice before the match against Ravenclaw. Madam Hooch checks out his Firebolt, comparing it to the Nimbus series, the Cleansweeps and Silver Arrows. Oliver Wood gathers the team for instructions. He tells them Ravenclaw has a new Seeker, it's a fourth-year named Cho Chang. She rides a Comet Two Sixty. After the training session, Ron has a go on the Firebolt. When they finish they head toward the castle. Harry suddenly sees a pair of eyes in the darkness and lights his wand with a ¤ Lumos, to find out it's Crookshanks.

The next day at breakfast the whole school admires his new broom. Today is the match against Ravenclaw The game starts. Lee Jordan starts his commentary on the game, saying that according to Which Broomstick the Firebolt will be the broom of choice for the national teams at this year's World Championship. Cho is tailing Harry. Harry sees the Snitch, goes after it, but is diverted by a Bludger. He sees it again but it vanishes quickly. The snitch appears a third time. As Harry goes after it, there appear three Dementors on the ground and Harry uses the ¤ Expecto Patronum, his wand conjures up an enormous silvery white something. He catches the snitch. It turns out Draco, Crabbe and Goyle disguised themselves as Dementors to make Harry loose the game. They get punished for this by Professor McGonagall.

Gryffindor celebrates their victory. Only Hermione isn't joining them, reading Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles alone in a corner. Ron and Hermione are still angry at each other. Everyone goes to sleep. Harry is awakened by a scream. Ron tells them he saw Sirius Black in their room with a knife. Sir Cadogan, who temporarily guards the entrance, confirms he let a man enter Gryffindor Tower because the man had the password. Neville confesses he lost the passwords which he had written down on paper.


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