During breakfast, Harry gets his Nimbus Two Thousand by owl-post. Draco, seizing the package, is startled to find out from Professor Flitwick that Harry is allowed a broom, while no first year is allowed to have one at school. He himself has a 'simple' Comet Two Sixty at home. At night Harry has his first Quidditch training. Oliver wood teaches Harry the rules: There are seven players on each team. Three of them are Chasers. The chasers have to throw the Quaffle, a large ball, through one of the hoops to score a goal, getting ten points for every goal. There's one Keeper on each team, whose job it is to stop the chasers from scoring. There are two balls called Bludgers which can knock players off their brooms. There are two Beaters on each team, trying to knock the Bludgers toward the other team members. And finally there's the Golden Snitch. The Seeker who catches it ends the game, getting an extra hundred and fifty points.

In Charms classes, Professor Flitwick is teaching them how to make objects fly, starting with a feather, with the spell Wingardium Leviosa. After the class, Ron is overheard complaining about Hermione who runs away in tears. They hear that she is crying in the girls' bathroom. During dinner, Professor Quirrell sprints into the hall saying there's a Troll in the dungeons. Harry and Ron sneak away to go and search for Hermione, seeing Snape walking through the corridors. They find out that the Troll is in a room and lock it in. Then they hear a scream and realise it's Hermione in the girls' bathroom, which is the room they just locked. They open and enter the bathroom. Harry jumps on the troll's back and shoves his wand up the troll's nose. Then Ron manages to get the troll's club away from him using the spell Wingardium Leviosa. The club hangs in mid-air before falling on the troll, tendering him unconscious. Hermione lies to prevent Harry and Ron getting punished and they become friends.