Hermione asks Harry again to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. In Hogsmeade they go to the Hog's Head. There are not many people inside the bar, only a man at the bar with his head wrapped in dirty bandages, two figures in hoods at a table, and a witch with a black veil beside the fireplace. They order some Butterbeers. Harry, Ron and Hermione sit at a table when the other students which Hermione invited arrive. The group consists of Neville, Dean, Lavender, Padma, Parvati, Cho, Cho's friend Marietta, Susan Bones, Luna, Katie, Alicia, Angelina, Colin, Dennis, Ernie, Justin, Hanna, Anthony, Michael Corner, Terry, Ginny, Zacharias Smith, Fred, George and Lee. Hermione tells them they should start practicing Defense because Voldemort is back. Harry talks with the others when asked about Cedric. Susan says her aunt is Amelia Bones of the ministry. They also talk about all the times Harry had his 'adventures'. They all agree to take lessons from Harry. Hermione also tells them Umbridge is afraid Dumbledore wants the students trained as his own private army against the Ministry. Luna says it makes sense since, according to her, Fudge has his own private army of Heliopaths. Now all they need is some place to meet. Everybody signs their name on a parchment Hermione brought, hereby agreeing not to tell Umbridge. The group leave. Neither Ron nor Hermione liked Zacherias, but Hermione says he overheard and the more people the better. Michael and his friends would not have come if he hadn't been going out with Ginny. Ron instantly does not like Michael. They walk through the streets. Hermione buys a new quill at Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop.


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