Harry is scheduled to play in his his first Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Hermione lends him the book Quidditch Through the Ages. Professor Snape takes away his book. When they want to get back the book, they find out that one of his Snape's legs is bloody and mangled. They suspect that he tried to get past the three-headed dog. Quidditch starts in the afternoon. Lee Jordan is doing the commentary for the match. Marcus Flint is the captain and chaser of Slytherin's team. Adrian Pucey is also a Slytherin Chaser. Terence Higgs is the Slytherin Seeker and Bletchley is Keeper. For Gryffindor, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell are Chasers. Oliver Wood is Keeper and Fred and George Weasley are the team's Beaters. Harry has his first live match experience with it's Bludgers, Quaffle and the Snitch.

During the game Harry's Nimbus Two Thousand is going crazy, almost throwing Harry off. Meanwhile, Hermione discovers Snape muttering words and believes he must be jinxing the broom. She speeds over to Snape to prevent Harry falling, knocking Professor Quirrell head first into the row in front of him. She sets fire to Snape's robes, managing to distract Snape and thereby getting Harry safe to the ground. Hagrid accidently tells them that the three-headed dog, which he had named Fluffy, is his. He tells them that Snape would never try to steal what Fluffy is guarding and that "it's none of their business; that all of this is between Dumbledore and Nicolas Flamel". Then he realizes he told them more than he had intended to.


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