Everybody gets up late the day after the Ball. Hermione confesses she used a lot of Sleekeazy's Hair Potion the day before. Harry still hasn't managed to find out the clue of the golden egg. They have Care of Magical Creatures classes. Hagrid is not there. Instead, Professor Grubbly-Plank replaces him temporarily. She has a Unicorn as topic of her lesson. Malfoy tells them why Hagrid is not present, showing them an awfull article about him from Rita Skeeter in the Daily Prophet. Malfoy says bad things about him in the article. It also reveals Hagrid is half-Giant; something she somehow has found out. His mother, Fridwulfa, is a giantess. Ron, Hermione and Harry speculate on how Skeeter found out Hagrid's origin.

At night they try to meet with Hagrid but he doesn't open the door. They visit Hogsmeade. In the Three Broomsticks they see Bagman talking with a group of Goblins. Spotting Harry he goes over to talk to him. Bagman tells Harry that Mr. Crouch is ill. Also there's no more news about Bertha Jorkins which must worry Mr. Crouch. Bagman offers to tell Harry the way to find out the clue of the golden egg. Rita Skeeter enters the pub. Harry has an angry loud conversation with her.

At night they finally manage to talk to Hagrid. Dumbledore is also in Hagrid's cabin. They convince a desperate Hagrid that he's not unwelcome and that he needs to stay and teach. Harry tells Hagrid that having the Dursleys as family is as bad as Hagrid's situation. Also Dumbledore tells him that his brother Aberforth also has had his moments of unpopularity. Dumbledore refuses Hagrid's resignation and orders him to continue teaching again.