Harry, Lupin, Black, Ron, Hermione, the unconsious Snape and the chained Pettigrew set out toward the castle. Sirius asks Harry if, since he is his godfather, would he like to live with him? Harry is filled with happiness, gladly accepting the offer. When they are almost at the castle, Lupin, who had forgotten to take his potion, transforms into a Werewolf. In the sudden panic, Black transforms into his Dog shape to protect them. Pettigrew dives for Lupin's dropped wand and takes out Ron. Harry disarms him with a ¤ Expelliarmus, but Pettigrew escapes after he transforms back into a rat. Ron is unconscious. They hear Black yelp and then moan from the direction of the lake. Harry and Hermione speed in the direction and see at least a hundred Dementors gliding towards them. Thinking of the prospect of living with his godfather, Harry manages to charm a Patronus with a ¤ Expecto Patronum charm, the Dementor's seem for a short moment not to be able to walk through the silver mist but in the end they are approaching closer and closer. One Dementor lowers his hood to perform the Dementors' Kiss and Harry sees its face. His Patronus flickers and dies. In the distance he hears someone screaming the Patronus Charm also. The Dementor, about to perform the 'kiss', picks up Harry's head to his face. He sees a silvery ligth growing brighter, it drives the Dementors back. Through his eyes blurred with sweat he can make out the patronus is as bright as a Unicorn. It goes back to its conjurer and Harry seems to recognise him. Then he loses consciousness.


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