Harry is nervous about the first Task. Rita Skeeter wrote an article filled with lies about him in the Daily Prophet, and the Slytherins tease him with it. There is a Hogsmeade trip and Harry wears his Invisibility Cloak so that he will not be bothered. Harry and Hermione go into the Three Broomsticks and have a Butterbeer. Hagrid and Moody enter. When they are about to leave, Harry waves. Moody apparently can see right through the Invisibility cloak and they join their table. Hagrid asks Harry to meet him at night. At night, wearing his Cloak, he visits Hagrid. Hagrid wants to show him something. Hagrid goes to get Madam Maxime and Harry follows them into the Forbidden Forest. After a while, Harry hears voices. He takes a look into the open area ahead and finds out the first task. Dragons. Four of them, being held by dozens of wizards. The wizards use Stunning spells, casting a Stupefy all at the same time to control them. Harry finds out that Charlie Weasley organising the whole thing. Charlie tells Hagrid they put the Dragons out with a Sleeping Draught. He explains the four different breeds, a black Hungarian Horntail, a green Common Welsh Green, a blue grey Swedish Short-Snout and a red Chinese Fireball. The champions will have to get past them for the first task. Harry has seen enough and goes back. He runs into Karkaroff. He deduces Karkaroff is also trying to find out the first task so that he can tell Victor Krum. Harry goes back to the common room and waits at the fireplace for Sirius. Sirius' head appears in the fire. Harry tells him everything that happened. Sirius has to hurry, he had to break into a house to use the fireplace. He tells Harry that Karkaroff used to be a Death Eater. He was in Azkaban but betrayed other Death Eaters to the Ministry to get himself out. With the attack on Moody and Bertha Jorkins' disappearance, Sirius is suspicious. Before he can tell Harry how to deal with the Dragon he is cut off, only able to hint that Harry just needs a simple spell.


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