Harry and Ron are in Professor McGonagall's Transfiguration class. Their homework assignment is to describe the ways in which Transforming Spells must be adapted when performing Cross-Species Switches. McGonagall announces the Yule Ball is approaching. They will have to wear dress robes. After class she has a private word with Harry, telling him that he, as one of the Champions, will have to open the ball with their dance partners. Harry would like to ask Cho Chang. Girls ask him to go with them but he says no. There is no article yet about Hagrid from Rita Skeeter. For the ball, Dumbledore has booked the Weird Sisters, a famous group which can be heard regularly on the Wizarding Wireless Network. Fred and George want to borrow Ron's owl. Fred asks Angelina to the ball. Ron suggests they should ask someone too. He says he does not want to end up with a ugly girl like Eloise Midgeon. The Great Hall is being prepared for the ball by the Professors; decorated with Everlasting icicles. Harry and Ron decide to ask a girl, promising each other they'll have asked someone before night falls. After a long time of nerveousness, Harry finally asks Cho. She already has promised to go with Cedric. Being upset Cho is already taken, he goes back to the common room, entering the Fat Lady's painting with the new password Fairy Lights. Ron is already there and tells Harry that he asked Fleur Delacour but she declined. Harry tells Ron she is part Veela. Seemingly they are the only ones left with no partners yet, except Neville who asked Hermione. Hermione already has a partner. Neville asked Ginny afterwards and they go together. At that moment Parvati and Lavender come in and Harry asks Parvati, who accepts but Lavender is already going with Seamus. Parvati will ask her sister Padma Patil if she wants to go with Ron.


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